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Back in college, I remember sitting with my advisor, who was helping me figure out what to do with my life. I’d recently taken an Urban Development class, and I loved it.

When my advisor suggested that I go into that field, I said to her, “People do this for a living??!” I couldn’t believe that something that felt this fun was something I could get paid to do.

After spending 20+ years in the industry, I still feel the same way. I love using my PR and marketing expertise to help Economic Development and Tourism Organizations reach more people and get more business.

How I Got Here

Following that initial meeting with my advisor back in college, I soon landed my first full-time Economic Development job in Jefferson County, West Virginia. And later, I worked in Frederick County’s Office of Economic Development.

Working behind the scenes in economic development gave me an in-depth understanding of the challenges businesses and communities face and the best solutions for them.

In 2002, I branched out on my own and started Platinum PR.

Since then, we’ve served Economic Development and Tourism Organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic region. In addition, we’ve had the opportunity to work with higher education, school systems, insurance industry, financial services, and special events.

Platinum PR has grown from a one-person operation to a cohesive team between various offices in West Virginia, Maryland and Colorado.

How I Can Help You

With our constantly evolving online culture, it’s key to know the ins and outs of how to reach your target market — and how to get their attention in a noisy marketplace.

As a marketing consultant and trainer, I guide businesses and organizations on the “latest and greatest” tips, tricks, and techniques for marketing, PR, and social media. I do 1:1 consulting work, facilitation, as well as lead group trainings for your team.

Learn more about my consulting services here.

I’ve done a lot of crazy things for my “job”, like…

  • I’ve seen the views of Virginia and West Virginia from a C-17 military airplane.
  • I’ve ridden a mechanical bull.
  • I’ve gotten hypnotized… and thought I was Jon Bon Jovi.
  • I’ve traveled the country talking about social media and marketing.

What can I say… I show up for what the job requires!

In my personal life, I also love new and interesting experiences like:

  • I was the “Ram” mascot for my college, Shepherd University.
  • I’ve been in 4 performances of the Nutcracker as an adult!
  • I also took tap dancing lessons as an adult!
  • I love gardening — we grow our own kale, squash, tomatoes, green beans, and potatoes.
  • I’m a trained Universal Health Principles Practitioner. UHP is an alternative healing modality which supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Learn about my UHP sessions here.

Want to know what industry and community cards I carry?

I’m a member of industry organizations like: the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce (Board of Directors), the Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA), the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), and Shepherd University Advisory Board for Communication.

I believe in “service above self” and I am also an active member of community organizations such as: Blue Ridge Community & Technical College Foundation, Shepherd University Alumni Association, Shepherdstown Rotary, Scarborough Society of Shepherd University (Board of Directors), Washington High School Business Advisory Council (Member). Additionally, I’m a 2005 graduate of Leadership Berkeley and 2016 graduate of Leadership Maryland.

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